DIY Divorce

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Filing for a divorce can be distressing, especially when the court forms are not self explanatory. Our DIY Divorce Service was designed for people who want to file the divorce themselves, without the aid of a solicitor.

With our DIY Divorce package you receive:

  • A guide that explains how the Divorce process works and what you must do;
  • Detailed explanations of how to complete the forms;
  • Guidance on where to send the forms and what to do throughout the divorce;
  • A fee remission form and guidance booklet that explains how you may not have to pay the full court fee and if not how to apply for a remission;
  • Free 30 minutes telephone consultation with a lawyer.

Once your divorce papers have been checked for accuracy and any revisions made, we will send them to you via email or post with easy to follow, step by step guide to a quick divorce.

Using this service will give you the confidence to file your own diy divorce, as you can be sure that what you have filed at court will be accepted by the judge and prevent any delays or additional costs.

Is this service right for you?

  • You are the person starting the divorce (the Petitioner)
  • Your spouse agrees to the divorce and will not contest it
  • You must have been married for at least 12 months to be able to start the divorce proceedings
  • You both live in England or Wales
  • You have your original marriage certificate or you are able to obtain a certified copy
  • You know your spouse‚Äôs address or an address where the court can send the divorce papers to

If you are in a civil partnership and require a DIY package, please contact us directly.

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