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Our lawyers will help try find a way to reach an agreement regarding your children with your partner, without using an arbitrator and judge to make a final decision.

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Child Mediation Solicitors

Before you apply for a Court Order, you will be expected to have resolved any disputes either via mediation or collaborative law.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a type of negotiation conducted with the assistance of an independent third party. It helps the separated parents, or those with parental responsibility, understand and assess their options to reach a decision that is acceptable to both parties. It usually takes place over several sessions, and its purpose is to reduce acrimony and tension while finding a solution to key parenting issues such as where a child will live, how much time will the spend with their other parent, and where they will attend school.

Mediators do not have to be lawyers, but many family law solicitors are also trained mediators. Mediation gives you a fresh opportunity to make a choice that suits everyone, while a Court Order will focus primarily on what is best for the child.

Do I have to Have Mediation?

You do not have to have mediation before applying for a court order. An alternative is collaborative law, and you will have to try at least one of these negotiation methods before making a court application. Collaborative Law is similar to mediation in that it usually involves a face-to-face discussion, however, instead of an impartial trained mediator, their family lawyer supports each parent.

Mediation can work well where the relationship between both parents is relatively amicable but where there is potential for it to break down over a disagreement. Mediators can also speak to older children to gauge their feelings and opinions and feed this information back to parents in a non-confrontational way.

Who is Cafcass?

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services, frequently referred to as Cafcass, is an independent agency established in England in 2000 to provide advice to family courts and families, ensure the wishes of the child are represented and protect the welfare of children and young people caught up in separating or divorcing parents. Although Cafcass only operates in England, their website has a lot of useful information which can help parents around the UK in the process of separating.

Representing the Rights of Children

There are rare occasions where a child can instruct a family solicitor to act directly on their behalf. There is no specific age at which this can happen – it depends purely on the child’s emotional maturity and ability to understand the proceedings. Some examples of why a child may have independent representation are if they disagree with the actions proposed by the court, where the relationship between the child and a parent has broken down, or where there are several children involved and the proposed solution does not meet the needs of one of them.

Finalising a separation or divorce with either mediation or collaborative law is faster and less expensive than taking the other party to court. It can also help preserve respect and cooperation between the separating parents, and minimise any negative impact the separation has on children of the relationship.

Find out more about how mediation and collaborative law can work for you by speaking with your family lawyer.

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