Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors

If you cannot or simply do not want to marry your partner, an cohabitation agreement will ensure that your partner and any children will be provided for should anything unexpected happen to you.

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Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors

Couples view moving in together as a legal sign of their commitment to each other and their united future, and it is a frequent misconception that cohabiting partners have similar rights to married couples. Regardless of how long you have lived together, “common law” spouses are not recognised in the eyes of the law. Our cohabitation agreement solicitors can explain your legal standing if you are moving in with your partner and advise on any issues you may encounter.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that the number of cohabiting families is growing faster than any other type of family in the UK, with 3.3 million couples living together. Even if you plan to get married, it is important to take legal advice from a family lawyer when moving in together to make sure your rights are protected in case you separate before you wed.

Why Have a Cohabitation Agreement?

Family solicitors know that one of the most significant causes of grief when couples separate is the division of assets. A cohabitation agreement clearly sets out the financial rights and responsibilities of both parties while they are living together, and what will happen if the couple separates. Cohabitation agreements are also a way of ensuring a partner is financially protected in the event the other dies.

Our cohabitation agreement lawyers can help you:

  • Understand your legal rights and responsibilities
  • Explain the implications of taking out joint debts and bank accounts
  • Ensure financial provision is made for the surviving partner in the event the other dies
  • Make plans for the support of any children you have together

When cohabiting couples with children separate, it is typically the primary caregiver who is left the most vulnerable. They may not be working, or only work part-time while raising children, leaving them with a limited income and no legal obligation from their ex-partner to support them financially. This can have long-term implications even for parents of adult children, as the caregiver would not have had the same opportunity to build up their pension.

Cohabitation agreements can be tailored to suit each couple and can include anything from how assets will be divided to who gets custody of any pets. Cohabitation agreements can be particularly useful if both parties contributed different amounts towards the purchase of a property.

Providing both parties have been honest, and it has been correctly drawn up, a cohabitation agreement a legal contract and will be upheld in court.

Cohabitation Rights Bill

An update of the legal system to reflect the number of cohabiting couples is long overdue. The Cohabitation Rights Bill was introduced in 2015 to protect the rights of cohabiting couples in the event of separation or the death of a partner, but the legislation is yet to be finalised. Until it is done, it is important cohabiting couples are aware they have no legal protection without a cohabitation agreement.

Cohabitation agreements can be written before you move in together or even if you have been living together for decades. Contact us today and ask how we can help you.

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