Collaborative Family Law Solicitors

Our lawyers have assisted many separating couples clarify ownership of shared assets such as a home, car or even a pet. Our process focuses on reaching an agreement with the best interests of everyone at the forefront of the discussion.

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Collaborative Family Law Solicitors

Collaborative family law can help make a difficult time less so, preventing disagreements from spiralling out of control and into the courts where the power to make your own decisions will be taken from you and given to a judge. Talk to your ex-partner and your family law solicitors about whether collaborative family law is the best approach for you.

Collaborative Divorce and Separation

Collaborative law is, as the name implies, a way working together with your ex-partner to reach agreements about key aspects of your separation and how you will raise your children. It gives you the chance for continuing to work as a parenting team despite you no longer being a couple. Cooperating this way also shows your children you respect the other person as a parent, and that can make an enormous difference in the way a child responds to their parents separating.

Over several sessions, you and your ex-partner will meet face to face to discuss and agree on aspects of your child’s life including where they will live, how much contact they will have with the other parent, financial support, and the type of access they will have to see their extended family. It can also include where your child will be educated, and their healthcare. You will each have your collaborative lawyer present to support you, provide family law advice, and make sure you are not steamrollered or ignored.

Benefits of Collaborative Family Law

The benefits of collaborative family law are many. Some of them include:

  • Retaining control over key aspects of your life. If you need a court order to decide things like where your child will live and how much contact the other parent has, they may determine a solution which neither of you is happy with. Collaborative family law gives you flexibility in deciding outcomes.
  • Building a respectful relationship with your ex-partner post-separation. As newly separated parents you are both be facing the same concerns and challenges. Collaborative practice will help you understand the other’s perspective, and assist them to understand yours, which can make any decisions more relevant.
  • Saving money and time. Court proceedings are expensive, stressful, and dictated by a court’s calendar. Collaborative practice will save you money and let you work through issues at a pace that suits you and your family.
  • Giving you an advocate. Unlike mediation, which is overseen by one impartial person who may or may not be a lawyer, your collaborative lawyer will be present at every discussion so you do not have to worry if you do not understand an aspect of family law, or be fearful you may agree to something which turns out to be a mistake.

Alternatives to Collaborative Law

If you and your ex-partner are not able to agree on specific aspects regarding your separation and you do not feel comfortable with collaborative law, you may prefer mediation. Mediators do not have to be lawyers, but many lawyers are trained mediators. They will meet face to face with both of you – either in the same room or separately – to help you identify and assess potential outcomes. They can also talk to your children to make sure their wants are heard and given consideration.

To find out more about collaborative family law, talk to family law solicitors.

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